Schedule to have stop by to video record your company to be included in our social media campaign called -God Bless the USA-. There is no cost to be recorded and no cost to be included in the campaign. It is a free service being offered by, the admin of this website. Remember to give us the name and address of your business in the -special instructions- of the form below!

PLEASE NOTE:  We are only taking “Thank You Video” appointments in the afternoon on December 26th and all day on December 29th.

More About “Thank You” Video, the admins of this website, are working on creating a couple of video shorts and we are asking the businesses in the Circleville area to be involved.  The idea is to create a minimum of 2 videos to show our appreciation, as businesses, to the community.  The videos will be posted on our downtown Circleville, Ohio Facebook page at:
The “montage” video (or video 1) will be shared on the Pumpkin Show fan page that we admin at:

Video 1:
The first, montage video will be very short and will simply be one of you or a representative of your business that simply has you saying, “Thank You”.  We will then piece these segments together with other businesses to thank people for supporting small businesses in the Circleville, Ohio area.  This is literally a 1-3 second spot.  You are welcome to say “Thank You” in English or any language you wish.  The name of your business will be listed on screen when you are shown.

Video 2:
The second video short is more personal.  In this video you can say something like, “On behalf of all of us here at NAME OF BUSINESS, Thank you for a wonderful 2016.  We look forward to servicing your WHAT YOU DO needs in 2017″.  This is a 10-30 second spot that is more specific for your business.

Video 3 (optional):
This is still another quick video, but we want to know why businesses feel the historical, downtown shopping district is important to the local Circleville area.  It may be something where you simply say, “Hi, this is NAME from NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS and I believe the historical downtown shopping district is important because…”  We would still like to keep this one brief to no longer than 30-40 seconds.

Where to shoot the video shorts?
We suggest some place inside your business. Maybe when you are comfortable at a desk, standing in front of a display in your store, sitting on a stool.  However you feel would best represent you and your business.  There is nothing fancy here. Just a simple video here to help let the folks in the community know that we appreciate their support.  We will be using a smart phone and wireless microphone to record the video. We have no special lighting but as long as there is light we should be fine.

There is NO CHARGE to be involved. NO CHARGE to be included in the videos.  NO CATCH.  This is provided as a service of