circleville can do itAs I watched the game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks I started thinking about the “odds” of the Buckeyes winning.  They had a young batch of guys with little college football experience.  They were on their 3rd string quarterback.  A few years ago the college had their hands slapped by the NCAA.  The list goes on as to the reasons why many suggested they would not become the National Champions…but they did.  The Buckeyes pulled through a victory that not only shocked the critics, but excited their many fans all over the US.  Aside from an awesome game, here is what I garnished from the win.

1)  Even though the forces may seem against you when you start something, you can win.  After all, there will always be critics.

2)  After Miller and Barrett were sidelined a young Cardale stepped up and helped continue the drive that the former two had started earlier in the year.

3)  If you stay positive and keep your mind on the goal, you can win.  After Cardale dropped the ball, he stepped back on the field and helped lead another drive in to the end zone.

4)  Sometimes you may say/do some things that don’t come across quite the way you want, but if you just remain honest you can move forward.  Tweet-tweet.

5)  Even when you fumble, and literally drop the ball before you throw it…you can still WIN.

6)  When you play as a team, you can win.  After the game when primary players were asked about their success they gave credit to everyone playing as a team.  Understanding this truth is important in any situation.

7)  Sometimes you can use the faithful plays, but as with any game, you’ve got to know your competition.  Learn their plays.  Adapt.  You MUST play against the competitions weakness and to your strengths.

I’m sure the list could go on and on with the things that “could have” defeated the Buckeyes…but they won.  They did NOT loose.

What Does This Have to do with Circleville?

So how do I turn this around in to a “Circleville” thing?  Well,  first of all we are in Ohio aren’t we?  Just kidding.  The truth is, the city of Circleville (meaning politicians, businesses and individuals) needs to learn a few things from the Buckeyes.   Here are a few ideas.

1)  We need to work as a team.  Not just the Circleville DBA.  Not just the politicians.  This city does NOT belong to either of them.  It belongs to the people of Circleville and the surrounding area.  If we want to see something happen in Circleville and Pickaway County then we all must be a part of the team.  The city of Circleville and America was NOT built by a bunch of politicians, they were both built on the BACKS OF THE CITIZENS and we can darn well do it again.

2)  We need to learn our competition and adapt.  In this instance our “competition” is a lot of different things, but one of the biggest things is “technology”.  I’m sorry to say that so many downtown areas fail to survive because they fail to adapt.  The internet is not so much our competition, but if we want to survive we must learn how to utilize it to our benefit.

3)  We need to stay positive.  So many times I hear about what Circleville “used” to be.  The downtown being vibrant.  Activity.  Things to do.  Well, we CAN be that way again…but no one can wave a magic wand and it’s just going to happen.  It will take work and we will have to look to the future and not the past.  Likewise it will take EVERYONE getting involved.  To be honest, if everyone got involved within Pickaway County it should be easier than it was years ago.  Why?  Well, since 1950 the population of Pickaway County has DOUBLED!  So we have more “American Can Do” people who can make Circleville happen.

I for one believe that if ALL OF US look at the “goal” of reviving our central downtown area and grow “out” from there we could see some pretty awesome things.  No, it won’t happen over night.  Yes, it will take time and effort…from everyone.  Yes, you will have to put aside your petty differences and many times your crazy grudges, but WE CAN DO IT!  WE CAN make the downtown area and Circleville more vibrant.  WE CAN get more industry to come back to Circleville and set up shop.  WE, WE, WE is the key.


Please Note:  I am not a football analyst.  I have never played football with the exception of front yard football.  I am not a sport analyst.  I am not a politician.  I hold no positions of authority anywhere.  I do own a small business in the area.  I am an average “Joe” who believes that average “Joe’s” are the ones who REALLY make a difference.