PLEASE NOTE:  We will announce the days to schedule the “God Bless the USA Video” appointments soon.

“God Bless the USA” Video Project, the admins of this website, are working on creating a couple of video shorts and we are asking anyone in the Circleville or Pickaway County area to be involved.  The idea is to create a minimum of 2 videos to show our patronage to the United States of America, Pickaway County and our hometown.  The videos will be posted on our social media pages like:

God Bless the USA Video:
This video will be aired around the 4th of July with the idea of using various patriotic backdrops from the city and county in the background. Right now we are waiting for approval from the county to be able to use Memorial Hall and the Courthouse. We were also hoping to be able to use part of the City Council area to record the video messages. We are just not for sure how to get permission for that portion. For those who may be interested in this video series we will be recording short sayings like:
– God Bless the USA
– God Bless Circleville
– Thank you for your service to our country
– Similar type phrase

Video 2:
We are also looking for participants to repeat a short part of either the Pledge of Allegiance or the Star Spangled Banner.  We may let participants do both if time permits and if they wish to do so.  This video will be pieced together with different people saying them and then published on various social media outlets.

Where are we going to shoot the video shorts?
We are currently working on locations now with a goal to find patriotic backdrops that add to the cosmetics of the video.  We have asked permission from the Pickaway County Commissioners and await a reply.  We are also trying to see if there may be options inside the City of Circleville buildings. If you have any ideas please let us know.

About the Project
There is nothing fancy here. Just a simple video to show how we feel about our nation and our community.  We will be using a smart phone and wireless microphone to record the video.

There is NO CHARGE to be involved. NO CHARGE to be included in the videos.  NO CATCH.  This is provided as a service of